Numbers and Operations 6th Grade File


Nancy O'Brien • 2 years, 6 months agologin to reply

Slide 44 has a spelling mistake in the word sailing

Audra Crist • 2 years, 6 months agologin to reply

Dear Nancy O'Brien, Thank you for your comment. The presentation files have been updated with this spelling change. Kind regards, Audra

Barbara Ingel • 3 weeks, 4 days agologin to reply

What app will open the presentation?

Susan Olszewski • 3 weeks, 4 days agologin to reply

The presentation file opens in SMART Notebook, however the PDF version can be opened on any computer that can view a PDF. If you do not have SMART Notebook, we have instructions on how to download a free version here:

Audra Crist • 3 weeks, 4 days agologin to reply

Dear Barbara, Thank you for your message. The SMART Notebook presentations can also be imported into other interactive software programs, such as Promethean ActivInspire and Mimiostudio. If you have one of these programs, or another interactive software program, please let us know which one, and we can provide more details on how to use it. If not, please use the link provided in Susan’s message to download & install SMART Notebook for free on your computer. Kind regards, Audra

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