4th Grade Science Course

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Units (select a unit)

  • Energy
  • Waves, Light & Information
  • Plant and Animal Structures and Processes
  • The History of Planet Earth
  • Earth’s Systems
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Natural Hazards


Wanda Valdes-Harris • 1 year, 3 months agologin to reply

When is the 4th grade curriculum going to translated into Spanish????

Melissa Axelsson • 1 year, 3 months agologin to reply

Wanda - right now we are working on our middle school math and science course. Both revising the English versions and then matching the Spanish translations. After our review of the middle school science is complete, we will do a revision of the K-5 materials in English first, and then follow with the Spanish translations. It will most likely be awhile before we have the 4th grade science materials translated. Melissa

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