Ratios & Proportions File


Linda Warren • 2 years, 5 months agologin to reply

I do not have a smartboard. Is there anyway to convert these files to Google slide or PowerPoint?

Audra Crist • 2 years, 5 months agologin to reply

Dear Ms. Warren, Thank you for your comment. We can convert them to PowerPoint, but it can get a bit messy (characters &/or diagrams jumbled up and/or not in the right location). Instead, we might be able to provide you with a version of SMART Notebook. Please let me know what type of computer you have & its operating system. For example, a Mac can run on OS X Yosemite. A PC could run on Windows 10. Kind regards, Audra

Andy Hartman • 1 year, 9 months agologin to reply

The graphs are missing in the understanding graphs of proportions section. There is no line.

Audra Crist • 1 year, 9 months agologin to reply

Dear Andy Hartman, Thank you for your comment. The graphs that you mentioned in your comment were white, for some reason. They have been changed back to black. Also, the graphs throughout the presentation have been adjusted to be more visible for the students in the back of the room (i.e. line thickness increased & points made bigger). Kind regards, Audra

Lisa Repetto • 1 year, 5 months agologin to reply

Hello, I am unable to open the presentation. Would you be able to provide me with smart notebook version? I am operating on OSX Captain, version 10.11.6 Thank You, Christie

Audra Crist • 1 year, 5 months agologin to reply

Dear Christie, Thank you for your comment. We have a product key code for SMART Notebook 11.4 that can be provided to interested users via email. This version of SMART Notebook can operate on any PC & on Macs with OS X operating systems prior to OS X Yosemite (i.e. Mavericks or earlier), due to the Ruby extension required to run SMART Notebook 11.4, which is Ruby 1.8. On a Mac that runs on OS X Yosemite or later, the Ruby extensions were updated (e.g. Yosemite has Ruby 2.0), and are not compatible with SMART Notebook 11.4. Therefore, you need to download a later version of SMART Notebook, which costs an annual subscription payment of $129. If you are still interested in downloading SMART Notebook on your Mac, please send me an email directly (audra@njctl.org), and I will send you the appropriate download & installation instructions. Kind regards, Audra

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