5th Grade Math Course

Units (select a unit)

  • Decimal Concepts
  • Decimal Computation
  • Division
  • Algebraic Concepts
  • Measurement & Data
  • Fraction Operations – Part 1 - Addition & Subtraction
  • Fractions Operations – Part 2 - Multiplication, Division with Unit Fractions & Line Plots
  • Geometry


Jasmyn Reynolds • 2 years, 1 month agologin to reply

What unit covers NBT.5?

Melissa Axelsson • 2 years, 1 month agologin to reply

Jasmyn - if you download this document at this link, it shows which units cover which standards. https://njctl.org/courses/math/5th-grade-math/attachments/grade5-year-long-plan-paced-with-nj-model-curriculum/ The NBT standards are in the first three units of the course: Decimal Concepts, Decimal Operations and Division. - Melissa

Quenna Martin • 1 year agologin to reply

Please list the steps to download a presentation for the Promethean board or Power Point.

Melissa Axelsson • 1 year agologin to reply

Quenna - sure! I am glad you are still using our materials. 1. Download the presentation from our website. Download the first file version when you click on the presentation. This is the SMART Notebook file. 2. Open ActivInspire on your computer. 3. Click on File and then import. 4. Select the SMART Notebook file from where you saved it when you downloaded it. 5. It will now automatically import. If it doesn't, and fails with an error. Please leave a comment and we can correct what is causing the error. -Melissa

Robert Porche • 11 months, 1 week agologin to reply

What unit covers Prime Factorization? Thank you

Melissa Axelsson • 11 months, 1 week agologin to reply

The Common Core Mathematics standards do not specifically address prime factorization. However since it is a strategy used for GCF and LCM problems, and that is a 6th grade standard (6.NS.4), so you will find it in our 6th grade Factors and Multiple chapter. You can find that at this link: https://njctl.org/courses/math/6th-grade-math/factors-and-multiples/

Robert Porche • 11 months, 1 week agologin to reply

Thank you!!!!

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