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Algebra-Based Physics

NJCTL is happy to announce that the foundational course for improving high school student achievement in science and mathematics can be taken by teachers everywhere.

Summer Session Scholarships Available

$1,200 scholarships reduce the cost of this six-credit course from $1,650 to $450.

Apply by June 15th and register by June 30th.

Click below to enroll.

Previously, it would have required spending a month in New Jersey to take this course.

Now available anywhere, anytime, at your own pace.

100% Online and Asynchronous

Teachers can start and complete courses anytime, anywhere at their own pace.

Teacher Education Tuition (In-State/Out-of-State)

NJCTL tuition is $275 per credit (no additional fees charged)

NJEA Members

NJEA Members receive a 20% discount on NJCTL tuition, lowering the cost to $220 per credit.

Colorado State University - Global Campus

CSU-Global offers optional graduate credit for NJCTL courses completed with a B- or better for a transcription cost of $85 per credit. Up to 18 of those credits may be applied towards a 36-credit CSU-Global MSTL, with CSU-Global providing NJCTL alumni a 10% discount on the cost of their 18 credits.


NJCTL has partnered with Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union (GAFCU) to provide personal loan financing for NJCTL courses and programs in the United States. Learn more.

Additional Information

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